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My heart simply is to create a platform where any type of Bible study and outreach group of any language and background can study the Bible in a very non-confrontational way.

Do you have a Fruitful Practice, Field-Tested story kit we can turn into a Story SandBox set for your region? Let's talk!

Nepal & India

We have the coloring book!

Its FIELD TESTED and highly recommended for outreach teams. Downloaded it here


they could tell the Bible stories with an extra visual in the sand of the village

I am looking for a Graphic Designer that will turn the India Nepal Hindi Coloring Book into Wooden Images.

PS: We are all volunteers!

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Muslim Story

Sand Box

Imagine a wooden STORY BOX for Muslim families. There are field tested stories that lead Muslims to ask deeper questions.

We have the stories. We hope to soon have a non-confrontational story box to help outreach teams connect with Families in villages.

Please pray for this project.

My heart is to see "Boxes for kids in Somalia one day"


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