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Hi, My name is Sarah and I love developing the sandboxbible for your family,

Sunday-school  &

outreach teams

Some boxes are called SANDBOXSTORIES - This is for the security of outreach teams in nations where the word "BIBLE" will cause difficulties.



Full set is 432 pieces

Orders take 3-4 days to create

Post in SA via Post Net


A5 size Book

119 Large figures that can tell any story



During my M.A. research on how Story Telling affects our lives, I became involved with sand-tray therapy. Being a trained counselor (TPM) and knowing how to immerse myself in 3rd Century Reflective Reading, I saw the raw potential of mixing the three disciplines:

Sand Therapy, TPM & Reflective Reading.



THE Journey of pioneering the SandBoxBible started when I did a practical Capstone Project for my Masters in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship through the University of the Nations (UofN) under Youth with A Mission (YWAM).

During my research on how storytelling affects our lives, I became involved with sand-tray therapy especially with children. Being a trained counselor and knowing how to immerse myself in 3rd century reflective reading, I saw the raw potential in attempting to mix the three disciplines: sand-tray therapy, transformational prayer ministry (TPM) and reflective reading.


It is a powerful way to visualize the Bible.


Figures for each of the Bible stories, miracles and parables of Jesus are available, crafted from wood. The person reading the Bible story visually demonstrates it in the sand. The guided questions will then lead a person or a group to explore deeper meanings of the passage and what they think would have happened if they were a figure in the Bible story.

Through my practical workshop sessions with adults, couples and children from all walks of life, I wondered how I could make this available to the larger Body of Christ out there. How could I bring this amazing spiritual growth tool to houses where the Bible is often read?

One day an anonymous donor gave me a large amount of finance. I have been with YWAM as a full-time volunteer since 1997 and in my experience it has not been easy to raise funds for missions in South Africa. I took this amount very seriously before the Lord, asking Him what I was to do with it. I sensed there was a specific purpose for this finance. As I prayed, the idea to print a wooden Bible for a sand box came to me. I could design Bible figures that would go with each of the Bible stories


Not only did the finance come to me in a miraculous manner, but the artist who became involved drawing the Bible figures is a miracle story in itself. It became obvious that God was the wind behind the sails of this new course I had to take.


The positive impact and long term implications this could have on families dawned on me. Much more than this, it could be used in nations where Oral Story Telling is the way to learn and teach the Bible. Just think of Africa! It could help with Bible distribution! It could potentially disciple un-reached people groups in ‘closed’ nations.


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