• Sarah Beriyth

SBB Reaching Cambodia for the 1st time

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

"Will you look after my car when I fly to Asia?" "Sure" I said, not knowing that my YWAM (Youth with A Mission) Church Plant - friend, was actually on his way to Battambang Cambodia where I use to staff a couple of times. YWAM Battambang is a fast growing YWAM base that train and release upcoming missionaries into Asia and beyond.

I quickly grabbed a few SandBoxBible Figures with a small sand-box and said "Find any sand and tell them stories with these figures. Then come back to me and tell me how it went" He made space in his bag... and off he flew and two days later the missionaries at the conference tested the Bible. This is what my friend wrote me on WhatsApp. "When I get back, get a box ready for my Malawi trip - The idea work and they love it"

This is the quick snap shot my friend took. I was so excited!

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