• Sarah Beriyth

"Stay with the Text"

In July the first SBB Bible study took place. Since July 2019 we grew from 4 to 5 to 7 and it seems that with every 2nd Wednesday, someone else joins us.

We are reading the New Testament chronologically and last night we read about John the Baptist who came to reveal Jesus as the Messiah through the means of water baptism & repentance.

We find it difficult not to bring in all our years of church knowledge and sermons into our discussion. Sometimes we "apply" something to the text that the text did not even mention. This is such a good discipline to "stay with the text only" and, for one night, to let go of conceptions that is so deeply embedded through the years. (Especially with this controversial topic!)

We talked a lot about how we all bear fruit. The question is what fruit? Good or Bad? You can see the ax in the sand next to the fallen tree and fire. At the back one notice how many various places/towns people came from to hear John - up to 200km away. It is when one place cities in the sand that one realize how far they walked.

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