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Absa's SWIFT code is ABSAZAJJ

Branch Code 630532 - Stilbaai, Western Cape.

Varnish your pieces!
In this way, your kids can tell stories to their kids one day!

5 Different Boxes

If you had to pay the local price of R15 per minute for laser cutting in Stilbaai or Johannesburg, you would have to pay R4,500 instead of R1,500 for the New Testament Box. It takes over 300 minutes (5 hours) to cut this box. (Two days to glue & finish)


You only pay R2,500 and not R8,100 for the 9 hours of cutting the Full Set. (Three days to glue and finish).

WHY? SBB serves Missionaries spreading the Gospel to Unreached Oral Learning Cultures - we join the ORALITY MOVEMENT. Most of us are volunteers having to raise money for each box. So... Pay with a smile and help us spread the boxes!