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I love developing the SandBoxBible for your family, Sunday-school  &

outreach teams. In 2021 the figures will be turned into a Stop Motion production so that more kids can watch the Bible unfold verse by vers


Orders take 3-4 days to create

Post in SA via PEP to PEP


A5 size Book

119 Large figures that can tell any story




It is a powerful way to visualize the Bible.


Figures for each of the Bible stories, miracles, and parables of Jesus are available, crafted from wood.

The person reading the Bible story visually demonstrates it in the sand. The guided questions will then lead a person or a group to explore deeper meanings of the passage and what they think would have happened if they were a figure in the Bible story.

SANDBOX BIBLE can be used in nations where Oral Story Telling is the way to learn and teach the Bible. Just think of Africa! It could help with Bible distribution! It could potentially disciple unreached people groups in ‘closed’ nations.

STOP MOTION in motion!

2021 SandBoxBible will turn the Book of Genesis into verse by verse Stop Motion Picture on YOUTUBE.

WATCH THIS SPACE! and make sure to subscribe to the SandBoxBible youtube channel. 

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